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You gotta take the risk

You gotta take the risk...with Restaurant Expert Witness People say it takes money to make money. I say it takes money to buy forks, fire insurance, and cheese. Money is the blood of any business, and in the restaurant business lack of money can destroy your options...

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Restaurants Move Us

Restaurants Move Us – America’s Most Important Industry. By Restaurant Expert Witness, Howard Cannon     It’s true! . . . the most important things that happen in our lives are celebrated in restaurants, in conjunction with a meal – birthdays, first dates,...

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What is a Hazard?

    Identifying hazards in your restaurant and eliminating or controlling them as early as possible will most likely and most reasonably help in preventing injuries and illnesses. There are various hazard analysis methodologies for doing so. A hazard is a...

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A Culture of Safety

How Will Creating a Culture of Safety Help My Business?     A culture of safety must be create and maintained by those in charge (restaurant owners, operators, managers, etc.) of the restaurant(s) by taking the steps to create well-planned and well-written...

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Knowing How to Ask for Money

  You can beg and grovel for money, or you can skip the begging and play hard to get. It depends on your situation. But strategy and logic always help when you ask for money. Lenders and investors need you just as badly as you need them. Without people to lend...

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Need A Restaurant Expert Witness?

  Howard Cannon – America’s most respected Restaurant and Bar Expert Witness Want to know more? -- Howard Cannon, Restaurant Expert Witness – Bio Please be sure to visit our Media Page:...

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Restaurant Expert Witness

Restaurant Expert Witness – Howard Cannon Restaurant Expert Consultant – Hospitality Expert – Restaurant Litigation Support  - Author Howard Cannon provides expert witness services and litigation support in restaurant, bar, food service, hospitality industry, and food...

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