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The Complete Idiot's Guide Starting a Restaurant

Second Editon

The recipe for a successful restaurant now revised. In this revised edition, aspiring restaurateurs will find everything they need to know to open a successful restaurant, including choosing a concept and location, creating a business plan, finding the cash, and much more. New content includes information on tips, tip-outs, and reporting for the entire staff, choosing the best POS system, setting up a bar and managing the wine list, and making the bottom line look good long-term.


“If you want to know how the restaurant business works, read it. I bought this book for some people who bought a restaurant, but who knew nothing about the restaurant business. I read through the book and found there to be a wealth of information contained therein. Unfortunately, in the case of the people I bought it for, "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." Don't be an onion head, read the book!” - Tony Caravan

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