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Acts of Violence

Acts of Violence, Rapes, Murders, Wrongful Deaths, Bar Fights, Catastrophic Injuries, and Security Neglect and more…

No one heads to the restaurant or bar to enjoy the night with food, drink, and friends expecting to get raped, murdered, beat up, chewed on and spit out, or kicked to the curb … but it happens far more frequently than what you might think.

Unfortunately, it happens many times every single day across the country and around the globe. In fact, roughly eight people per day die and thirty people get raped per day in a restaurant… in America alone. Yes – you read that right. Rapes, murders, wrongful deaths, manslaughter, molestations, and countless other acts of violence are some of the restaurant industry’s recognized hazards.

Every year, thousands of employees and customers get raped, murdered, killed, maimed, and harmed in America’s restaurants from a wide variety of incidents.

The facts speak for themselves, before this calendar year is out, thousands will be left severely injured, harmed, maimed, and death due to the impact that our violent society now has on the restaurant industry.

“So, what’s going on in America’s restaurants?” you ask.

Well, the best answer that I can give you is this: First, the world has become a very violent place. And secondly, the restaurant industry—the industry that I dearly love and have spent my entire career working in—is covered up with incompetence, mediocrity, and management neglect. Simply stated… many of those placed in charge of restaurant and bar premises and responsible for the safety, health, and security of people and premises lack basic dangerous condition awareness, safety and security training, and basic day-to-day operational education to even know how to handle acts of violence early in the process of escalation.

Late-night operations can be really rough… but so can lunch in a place that you would not initially think could have issues.
If a place has an incident where someone gets raped or killed and the jury comes to decide that the management and ownership was not operating the restaurant or bar to reasonable and customary industry standards or in compliance with the law or that they were somehow derelict in their duties or negligent in their actions. And things will get ugly.

If an incident happens in a restaurant that results in an employee, customer, vendor, contractor, or other person being injured, harmed, raped, maimed, or killed, you can bet that the lawyers will circle around the owner, the managers, the business, and the assets like ravenous crows. The judge, the jury, the customers, the employees, the vendors—and possibly even the media—will attempt to “shine the light of mediocrity” on those in charge; and, if the restaurant owner, operator, employer, executive, or manager tries to place the blame on someone else it will get really ugly.
So the question has to be, “Why would anyone make it any easier for them?” If owners and managers haven’t been already, they need to start protecting their employees, customers, business, and bank account by implementing everything reasonable and customary across the industry to provide employees, customers, and vendors safety, health, and security-based operating systems and safety rules.

Make no mistake about it; the scrutiny will be harsh for everyone involved. The decision-makers will be picked at and scrutinized like never before, but so will the employees and the vendors involved. The restaurant or bar and how it operated will be dissected in ways you never before imagined were possible. They will be looking for anything out of compliance and outside of the reasonable and customary industry standards that took place before, during, and even after “little Suzy” lost her life because a fight broke out and no one in charge knew what to do… or when “Uncle Mike” cracked his skull wide open on the concrete when he got punched in the face by a security guard that was supposed to be protecting him.

You may think we’re blowing this all out of proportion, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Do your own research. Google it; you’ll find thousands of examples all over the Internet.

Many of these cases are much more than just your everyday, run-of-the-mill rape or murder.

If you have an Act of Violence case. A rape. A murder. A wrongful death. A catastrophic injury. A molestation. A bar fight. A security breach. Negligent security. Etc… feel free to give us a call and we will help you avoid the punches and stop you from getting knocked out. Yes, the pun was intended.

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