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Acts of Violence in Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants top the list of industries most prone to violence than any other industry in America. According to the FBI, restaurants come in eighth as one of the most common locations for violent crime with at least 10,490. What is more alarming is the restaurant and...

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Losing Focus

Losing Focus   Poor execution is a bad meal, an unhappy employee, or a misplaced order. It is lost focus or what I facetiously call “that loving feeling.” Lost focus allows things to slide. For some reason or another, maybe personal issues, ego issues,...

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The Importance of Fire Extinguishers

Tip Jar Tuesday     The restaurant industry standard is to provide your with crew portable fire extinguishers in well-marked, easily accessible areas, because using portable extinguishers is the quickest way to put out small kitchen and dining fires! Some...

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Take the risk

"Be willing to take a risk and push outside of what is comfortable and predictable." -Dr. Helene Gayle         To learn more about Restaurant Expert Witness, Howard Cannon, and the expert services he provides, please click here:  Howard Cannon,...

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Foodborne Illness Danger

68% of Foodborne Illnesses Occur in Restaurants.       Restaurant Expert Witness Howard Cannon Warns of Foodborne Illness Danger.   Food-borne diseases are illnesses contracted by eating contaminated foods or drinking contaminated beverages....

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