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Restaurant Expert Witness, Author, Speaker and Trainer

Restaurant Expert Witness is America’s most prolific forensic expert witness firm. Since 1987 we have specialized in only restaurant and bar industry matters with roughly 200 litigation and 300 pre-litigation and Consulting projects to our credit. We work with both plaintiffs and defendants, in state and federal courts, in every state of the United States and select markets around the globe. We are the authors of the book of restaurant industry standards and best practices and the gold standard for restaurant industry OSHA, safety and security training and testing. Our books can be found in dozens of countries around the globe.

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Restaurant Expert Witness

Expert Witness

The Litigation: America’s most prolific restaurant forensic expert witness with 175+ litigation & 300+ pre-litigation and consulting matters to our credit. Plaintiffs & Defendants. State and Federal cases. No charge for domestic travel.

Restaurant OSHA

Restaurant OSHA

The Solution: Restaurant industry-specific OSHA Safety and Security training, testing, and consulting that every manager, owner, executive, employer & employee must have. Online courses, books, workbooks & tests. Fast. Effective. Affordable.

Maimed in Restaurants

Maimed in Restaurants

The Problem: These media appearances & speaking engagements (and soon-to-be-released new book) will expose you to the dirty secrets & the naked truths about America’s most dangerous industry and teaches both customers & workers how to protect themselves & their loved ones from accident, illness or catastrophe.

Media Appearances

Media Appearances

The Awareness: Every member of your audience eats in restaurants and 50% of our population have worked in them, as restaurants account for 11% of the entire US workforce. Our Maimed in Restaurants content will shock, inform, educate and engage any audience.

Howard Cannon Books


The Word: Our books have been published and distributed in dozens of countries around the globe and been read and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people. We value the words that we write and are blessed and thankful that you do as well.


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Restaurant, Bar, Food & Beverage Industry


State & Federal Cases • Plantiffs & Defendants 

Opinions, Reports, Testimony & Consultation - Since 1987 *

Expert Practice Areas

  • Harassment & Discrimination
  • Partnership & Franchise Disputes
  • Trade Secrets & IP Disputes
  • Workplace Violence
  • Management Neglect
  • Competent Person Oversight
  • Industry Standards & Best Practices

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Restaurant Expert Witness – Howard Cannon provides Restaurant, Bar and Hospitality industry expert witness services, forensic analysis, and litigation support for Plaintiffs’ and Defendants’ attorneys Nationwide. The services he offers include, but are not limited to:

Expert Witness Services

  • Expert Witness Reports & Opinions
  • Deposition & Trial Testimony
  • Onsite Surveys & Assessment
  • Private Investigations
  • Expert Analyses & Consulting
  • Safety & Risk Management Coaching

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With 30+ years of experience as a restaurant consultant and forensic expert, Howard Cannon is one of America’s most sought-after authorities on restaurant operations. He provides restaurant, bar and hospitality industry expert witness services, forensic analysis, and litigation support for plaintiff and defendant attorneys nationwide.

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Restaurant & Bar


  • Start-Ups
  • Turnarounds & Profit Improvement
  • Safety, Security & Risk Management
  • Internal Investigations & Theft Reduction
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Concept Strategy & Advisory
  • Business Model Assessment
  • Board of Directors & Advisory Participation

Expert Witness & Forensic Assessment


The Litigation: Each year thousands of lawsuits, accounting for hundreds of millions of dollars in claims, damages and attorney’s fees, take place in America’s state and federal courts concerning an astonishing number of restaurant and bar legal matters. Winning or losing a case, or the size of the award might come down to the forensic restaurant expert you choose.
The Solution: A key to avoiding costly lawsuits is for management to take the necessary steps to reduce risks and protect customers and employees from being injured, harmed, sickened, maimed or killed. That starts with safety and security training and testing for every manager and employee at every level.
The Problem: Thousands of customers and employees are injured, harmed, sickened, busted, broken, maimed and killed in restaurants and bars every single day in America. The astonishing number and wide-variety of accidents, incidents, illnesses, and catastrophes equate to America’s most dangerous industry.
The Awareness: You cannot protect yourself or your loved ones if you aren’t aware of the hazards. The national and local media absolutely love the celebrity chefs and the interesting restaurant stories but has previously stopped short of exposing the dirty secrets about an industry we all rely on … until now.
The Word: In an age when most struggle to abide by their own words and commitments, I strongly stand behind mine. I believe in personal and professional integrity, honesty, and character and support this belief by promising to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth – so help me God.