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Restaurant Expert Witness is one of America’s most highly-recognized restaurant, bar, and hospitality industry consulting, expert witness, and advisory firms — providing expert witness services, forensic analysis, and litigation support — for both State & Federal cases and Plaintiffs & Defendants — as well as, Restaurant & Bar Coaching & Consulting Nationwide, Since 1987 . . . We hope you enjoy your experience on our website; and, if you need help or would like to discuss your restaurant or bar matter, feel free to give us a call: 800.300.5764 . . . We love talking restaurants!

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With his 30+ years of experience as a restaurant consultant and forensic expert, Howard Cannon is one of America’s most sought-after authorities on restaurant operations. He provides restaurant, bar and hospitality industry expert witness services, forensic analysis, and litigation support for plaintiffs’ and defendants’ attorneys nationwide.

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  • Restaurant OSHA Safety & Security Workbooks

      We’re proud to announce the completion of the Restaurant OSHA Safety & Security Workbooks! Check out our books & articles page for more great, informational content.
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Restaurant Expert Witness is one of America’s most highly-visible, and highly-recognizable restaurant, bar, and food service industry expert witness, advisory, and restaurant consulting firms — providing industry analyses, consultation, expertise, opinions, advice, management, mediation, content, and expert witness services (including, expert witness opinions, testimony and reports, etc.) to clients of all types and sizes, and in markets across the country and around the globe.  Restaurant Expert Witness is a division of Restaurant Operations Institute, Inc. (ROI, Inc.) – founded in 1987.

Howard Cannon, Restaurant Consultant Expert, is the founder and sole-owner of ROI, Inc.  His expertise as a restaurant consultant and expert witness in the restaurant, bar, and foodservice industry is derived from his unique and broad-based industry experience during the length of his career.  He has held positions ranging from hourly staff to executive-level; employee to employer; restaurant consultant to analyst; industry speaker to trade magazine publisher; and, author to expert witness.

Restaurant Expert Witness Services:  Well-Written Reports – Howard Cannon is a published author and experienced writer with books and articles published in dozens of markets around the globe, so you can trust him to deliver a clear and concise expert report with an effective and efficient message, opinion and basis – based on retaining counsel’s Scope of Assignment; including citings from materials and publications referenced, in addition to a list of all documents considered.

Well-Spoken Expert Testimony – Howard has given hundreds of restaurant, food service, and hospitality expert industry speeches and seminars, and is quite comfortable speaking in front of any size or type of group, or any court of law; with experience in both state and federal cases.

Restaurant Expert Witness Services:  Credibility – More than 28 years of day-to-day, real-world, restaurant, bar, hospitality, and food service industry and restaurant consulting experience. Howard is OSHA and HACCP (food safety) certified. This, combined with his highly-recognizable books and hundreds of published articles and pieces of content, and you can be confident that Howard knows restaurants, bars, and food service establishments from virtually every conceivable angle.

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Restaurant Expert Witness Services:  Analysis & Reports – based on customarily relied upon restaurant, hospitality, and food service industry practices, and based on an opinion that is rock-solid and backed by industry research and information.  Howard provides a credible, objective professional perspective of the matter at hand.

On Time – Mr. Cannon’s expert witness reports and/or opinions are always on time . . . he hits deadlines – period!

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Restaurant Consultant / Restaurant Expert Witness – Howard Cannon, only  provides restaurant expert witness services and litigation support (restaurant expert witness testimony, expert opinions,  and expert reports) for restaurant,  hospitality, bar, food service, and food safety related matters.  If you’re searching for a Restaurant Expert Witness, Hospitality Expert Witness, Food Service or Food Safety Expert, keep in mind that Restaurant Consultant Expert, Howard Cannon’s areas of expertise pertaining to these industry sectors include, but are not limited to, the following . . .  are not limited to:

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