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Expert Witness for Slips, Trips & Falls in Restaurants and Bars

Get an unbiased slips, trips and falls expert that can help you determine what measures or actions are reasonable and customary within the restaurant, bar, and hospitality industry.

If you have a claim pertaining to slips, trips and falls in a restaurant, bar or hospitality venue, you will need an expert witness who is not only experienced in the industry but also knows and understands OSHA guidelines on Slips, Trips and Falls.  Contact Us Now!

Expert Witness for Slip, Trips and Falls in Restaurants - Howard Cannon

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Slips Trips and Falls – Restaurants & Bars Premises Liability

It’s true! — More than 3 million food service employees and over 1 million guests are injured annually as a result of restaurant slips, trips and falls.  Food, water, ice, snow, dirt, sand, and more, can prove to be recipes for disaster; not only for employees, but also for customers and vendors, alike.  According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), the hospitality industry spends over $2 billion on such injuries each year and these injuries are increasing at a rate of about 10% annually.

These slips, trips and falls can occur in the dining room, kitchen, buffet area, parking lot, entryway, restroom, stairways – anywhere on the premises. Adhering to OSHA standards, slips, trips and falls can be prevented.  When restaurants and bars keep safety top-of-mind, they create and maintain a safe environment for their employees and guests.

Safety Expert – Howard Cannon

With 35+ years of experience; and, having certification in OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Act), in addition to, HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points), TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS), and more, Restaurant Expert Witness, Howard Cannon has the knowledge and expertise to provide unbiased opinions, reports, and testimony regarding the Standards of Care and the foresee-ability of events based upon the training, policies, and procedures (or lack thereof) of each establishment and its management and employees involved in a premises liability related matter.

Safety Matters

The first step is to ensure that your restaurant, bar or food service establishment is on its way to an injury-free zone by calling Restaurant Consultant – and America’s Most Visible Restaurant Expert Witness – Howard Cannon; and find out more about Restaurant Safety & Risk Management Consulting.

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