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Alcohol Liability Dram Shop Expert Witness

You will need a dram shop expert witness who is not only experienced in the industry but also knows and understands how the Dram Shop law applies to restaurant operations if you have a claim or are involved in a matter pertaining to alcohol liability or Dram Shop Act involving a restaurant, bar, stadium, arena, or hospitality venue. Howard Cannon will help you determine what measures or actions are reasonable and customary within the restaurant industry.

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Alcohol Liability, Alcohol Legal Liability

Liquor liability under the Dram Shop Act can hold a licensed provider of alcohol responsible for any harm or injury caused by selling alcohol to an obviously intoxicated customer which leads to an accident or fatality; but, needless to say, the issues involved with intoxicated customers and over-serving of patrons are not always “cut and dry”.

Alcohol Liability is a term used to describe the legal responsibility that an organization may have for its patrons when alcohol is served. Anyone involved in the service of alcohol could be held liable for damages or injuries where alcohol is deemed to have been a contributing factor; such as:

  • Liability as a server – Serving people past the point of intoxication.
  • Liability as an occupier – People, companies, or any other organization that owns, has possession of, or responsibility for premises are responsible for protecting persons on their premises from harm.
  • Liability as an employer regarding employees consuming alcohol, such as at staff parties.
  • Liability as a sponsor of potentially dangerous activities.
  • Use of excessive force – Security personnel cannot use unnecessary or excessive force to manage intoxicated patrons.

Restaurant Litigation Support:

Our Alcohol Expert – Dram Shop Expert Witness, Howard Cannon knows dram shop law and is TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) Certified — in addition to being certified in OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Act), HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points), and more.  Howard is an author, speaker, analyst, and restaurant, food service, and hospitality consultant — he is a restaurant expert with over 30 years of education, training, skill, and experience – giving him the specific knowledge and expertise of the restaurant, hospitality, and food and beverage industry needed to provide expert restaurant litigation support services that you can rely upon.

Restaurant Expert Witness, Howard Cannon provides restaurant expert witness services and litigation support; such as expert witness testimony, opinions, and reports, as it pertains to alcohol liability and dram shop liability claims in restaurants and bars.  Howard provides unbiased opinions, reports, and testimony regarding the Standards of Care and the foresee-ability of events based upon the alcohol awareness training, policies, and procedures (or lack thereof) of each establishment and its management and employees involved in alcohol, Dram Shop, liquor law compliance, or security-related matter.

Restaurant & Bar Expert Witness / Alcohol Liability Dram Shop Expert Witness:

An Alcohol Liability – Dram Shop Expert can help you determine whether or not reasonable and customary restaurant industry standards and measures were taken on behalf of the organization, owner, server, etc. When determining liability, several factors must be taken into account; for example, whether or not the restaurant owners and/or management have made a reasonable effort to provide training for his or her employees and customers. Additionally, our Restaurant & Bar Alcohol Expert can provide strategic litigation support, provide questions, and recommend documents to request during the discovery process that is customarily used throughout the course of business in the restaurant and bar industry.

Howard is experienced with restaurant litigation matters in both State and Federal cases with Plaintiffs and Defendants; and, Judges and Juries respect his expert opinions and recognize his expertise when it comes to restaurant, food service, and hospitality industry-related matters.

If you have a restaurant litigation matter pertaining to alcohol liability, you need an alcohol-restaurant and bar expert to help you determine what measures or actions are reasonable and customary within the restaurant industry. Howard Cannon has over 30 years of experience in such matters; and, he can help you with your restaurant expert witness needs as it pertains to restaurants, bars, casinos, and other organizations in the hospitality industry.

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