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The Word: Our books have been published and distributed in dozens of countries around the globe and been read and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people. We value the words that we write and are blessed and thankful that you do as well.

Howard Cannon Books


The Print: Our words and writings have appeared in countless magazines, newspapers, online pubs, social mediums, websites and blog posts. Dangerous restaurants remain a hot topic of interest to readers of all ages and demographics and our one-of-a-kind subject matter engages readers from every walk of life.

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The Awareness: Every member of your audience eats in restaurants and 50% of our population have worked in them, as restaurants account for 11% of the entire US workforce. Our Maimed in Restaurants content will shock, inform, educate and engage any audience.

The Word: In an age when most struggle to abide by their own words and commitments, I strongly stand behind mine. I believe in personal and professional integrity, honesty, and character and support this belief by promising to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth – so help me God.
The Print: The national, regional and local media have begun to become increasingly aware of the role that restaurants play in our society and the dangers lurking within many poorly operated establishments. Every reader eats in restaurants and now everyone that eats in restaurants can be made aware of the dangers and learn how best to protect themselves and their loved ones
The Awareness: You cannot protect yourself or your loved ones if you aren’t aware of the hazards. The national and local media absolutely love the celebrity chefs and the interesting restaurant stories but has previously stopped short of exposing the dirty secrets about an industry we all rely on … until now.