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In the current age of social media where everyone is constantly taking photos of their food and posting them to various outlets, a multitude of people seem to think that they are a food expert. However, with the number of diagnosed food allergies on the rise and the staggering numbers of food borne illnesses occurring every day, what we really need is a food safety expert. As Howard Cannon describes in his new book, Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security, clear policies and procedures along with adequate and continuous training are vital to fostering a culture of safety and a culture that demands food safety in any establishment in the restaurant, bar, or hospitality industry.

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When working in the restaurant, bar, and hospitality industry, food safety must be held in high regard and taken very seriously. When food safety is not taken seriously, the results can be devastating. Howard Cannon has made a name for himself as a leading expert in the restaurant, bar, and hospitality industry. Included in this is his credibility as a food safety expert. If you have found yourself in need of an expert opinion, expert witness testimony, or litigation support for a matter in the restaurant, bar, and hospitality industry, Howard Cannon is who you are looking for. With decades of experience, Howard Cannon is a well-established food and beverage expert and food expert witness whose opinions and testimony are respected by judges and juries across the country.

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Judges and Juries respect Howard Cannon's expertise and recognize his famous books found in bookstores across America and in 76 countries around the world.

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