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Howard Cannon is a leading restaurant expert witness and hospitality expert witness in both State and Federal cases across the country. If you have a legal matter in the restaurant, bar, or hospitality industry, you are in the right place. Mr. Cannon has provided over 160 unbiased reports and testimonies for both Plaintiffs and Defendants in restaurant, bar, and hospitality matters. With over 29 years of experience and multiple bestselling books, Howard Cannon brings an unmatched level of expertise to any matter in the industry that he is involved with.

Mr. Cannon entered the hospitality industry at the age of 14 and has worked in every position from entry level to CEO. He is well versed on the in’s and out’s of every aspect of the hospitality industry and industry standards and best practices. Mr. Cannon is the author of Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security, The Book of Restaurant Industry Standards and Best Practices and has a wealth of knowledge on what is required of establishments in the hospitality industry to meet OSHA requirements and industry standards.

Because of Mr. Cannon’s well-known expertise in the industry, he provides a credible opinion, objective analyses and reports, well-spoken testimony, litigation support, and well written reports that are always on time. His expert witness opinions are respected by judges and juries across the country. With Howard Cannon and Restaurant Expert Witness, you receive an unbiased expertise and reliability that cannot be matched. You can find out more about Howard Cannon and his experience as an expert witness in the restaurant, bar, and hospitality industry by reading his Bio here.


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