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Negligent Security & Management

What’s worse than no security personnel when you need them?

Incompetent or negligent security personnel when you need them.

Restaurant and bar owners do have an obligation and duty to put in risk management systems and security-based policies and procedures to do the best they can to try to ensure the safety and security of everyone while on their property whether that be from a potpourri of lurking hazards or a mountain of possible security issues. It is not always possible to prepare for every possible scenario that can happen which can be challenging at times – but they still must put forth a reasonable and customary amount of effort to try. The main priority should be to protect their guests and employees’ standards of reasonable care. Management should always ensure strict guidelines and training to try and avoid mishaps from taking place in their businesses and workplace. When restaurants keep safety as their top priority fewer accidents take place. Safety measures should always be followed because having policies and procedures in place could protect a restaurant’s liability down the road.

The facts speak for themselves, negligent security and management can be prevented in the restaurant industry. Management and employers must begin by looking at the overall operations, establishing proper job procedures, and ensuring that all restaurant employees are properly trained to recognize and identify hazards and be able to safely perform their job duties without incident or breach of security. Security matters include but are not limited to back door security, lighting security, security personnel (bouncers, doormen, etc.) crime prevention training (robbery prevention, response procedures, etc.) physical barriers, and surveillance and alarm systems (how to operate, disable, and engage, etc.) It is essential and must be made clear to all employees that criminal behavior of any kind will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted to the possible extent of the law.

Crimes committed in restaurants and bars often result in injuries, harm, and even death to employees and patrons. Restaurants should establish a safe security plan for hiring and using security personnel. Ownership and management should provide oversight and follow-up of policies and procedures to ensure that they are maintained consistently. The restaurant industry is at times covered-up with management neglect, ignorance, apathy, and laziness. The turnover rate for employees in the restaurant industry is unbelievably high. How does management have time to train their employees properly and run a business? The answer is that some don’t. Unfortunately, much of the industry just practices bare minimum performance to get by and it shows in the number of accidents that take place. Management being competent and providing industry-standard competent person oversight, at times can be nearly nonexistent. This below-industry standard level of operational performance is putting the entire industry at risk – and that extends to the customers that rely on restaurants and bars. It is bad management that puts bad employees in a position to do bad work.

If current trends continue, more people than ever before will be injured, harmed, sickened, maimed, or killed on the premises of America’s restaurants this year, next year, and in the years to follow. These kinds of incidents will lead to even more lawsuits and insurance claims being filed against restaurants; and even more restaurant operators will have to spend their valuable time, money, and effort defending themselves than at any other time in our nation’s history.
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If you have a case where your client is either the plaintiff or the defendant in a case – whether it is intentional or inadvertent, or a case of any type, kind, or style of injury, harm, damage or death from the negligence of security or management in a restaurant, from delivery, from carryout, while on a cruise ship, while on an airplane, while at a sporting event, during a catering event or other – give us a call. We would be happy to speak with you and discuss the details regarding your case.

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