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Our Restaurant Expert Services

Our Restaurant Expert Services:

We offer the following restaurant and bar services in markets across the country and around the globe:

  • Start-Ups
  • Turnarounds & Profit Improvement
  • Safety, Security & Risk Management
  • Internal Investigations & Theft Reduction
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Concept Strategy & Advisory
  • Business Model Assessment
  • Board of Directors & Advisory Participation; and, of course,
  • Expert Witness Services 


Restaurant Start-ups:

We can assist you from the idea stage – when you are jotting your ideas down onto a bar napkin – through roughly a month after you are open for business and we’ve helped you work out all the kinds. Since our inception we have provided start-up services to a wide variety of restaurants and bars across the country and around the world – having been involved in opening nearly every conceivable aspect of literally hundreds of different types, styles, and sizes of restaurants and bars, from fine dining to fast-food, and everything in between. In fact, our CEO, Howard Cannon, wrote the book about How to Start a Restaurant found in bookstores in more than 76 countries around the globe.

We offer Coaching Services – on both an Hourly and a Bundled Rate


Restaurant Turnarounds & Profit Improvement:

You got in this business for whatever reason and maybe it isn’t working out as you had expected; or you feel like you’re leaving money on the table; or maybe you think you should be getting more sales and better profits from all of your hard work; or maybe your restaurant and bar dream has turned into a nightmare? Since our inception we have provided insight into how to turn around and re-align operations and the teams quickly and effectively. In fact, Howard Cannon has been in the trenches and involved in fixing, improving, and turning-around literally hundreds of different types and sizes of restaurants and bars across the country and around the globe – from fine dining to fast-food and nearly every conceivable concept in between. Let us help you assess the situation, develop a solution, and implement a series of systems that have a proven track record of success for others doing business across the industry.

We offer Coaching Services – on both an Hourly and a Bundled Rate.

We also offer Onsite Assessments w/Custom Staff Workshops – on a Flat Daily Rate


Restaurant Safety, Security & Risk Management:

Let Mr. Cannon – America’s most respected and most sought after Restaurant, Bar, Food and Beverage Expert Witness – help your business improve safety and security for both your customers and employees by reducing risk, creating better policies, procedures, and systems, creating a Culture of Safety, and training your management, staff and executive team, so that you can be certain that you meet the industry best practices and standard of care before something bad happens. Howard specializes in safety, security, slips, trips and falls, DRAM shop and alcohol liability, bar security, premises liability, OSHA, ADA, HAACP, and food and beverage contaminations. Plus he presents the material pertaining to safety and security in a way that is unique, fun, memorable, and lasting. You are better off calling him now rather than having to call him later to handle a litigation matter after something catastrophic happens to your customers, your employees and/or your business.

We offer Coaching Services on both an Hourly and a Bundled Rate.

We also offer Onsite Assessments w/Custom Staff Workshops – on a Flat Daily Rate


Restaurant & Bar – Internal Investigations & Theft Reduction:

Did you know that 44% of restaurant and bar employees steal, and 80% of the time it is management? Did you know that the average restaurant and bar loses between 4 to 7% of its income to theft and pilferage? Who has their hand in the cookie jar at your restaurant or bar?

Let us come into your establishment under the radar (incognito); and, at the right time we will introduce selves and our systems to your management and staff and find out who is doing what, and what systems need to be put into place to make sure you are getting more money into your bank account and less into the pockets of those stealing from you. Our theft reduction systems are unique and memorable and, best of all, will close the gaping holes that are costing you a fortune in lost income.

We offer Coaching Services on both an Hourly and a Bundled Rate.

We also offer Onsite Assessments [private/incognito & front-and-center/in your face] w/Custom Staff Workshops and Systems Development – on a Flat Daily Rate


Restaurant & Bar – Concept Strategy Advisory & Business Model Assessment:

Let’s be clear… everyone likes to make money. The problem is that in this industry not everyone knows how to make money or what exactly they are looking at when it comes to restaurant and bar deals, projects, investor presentations, performance indicators, projections, people, concepts, business models, or operations. That’s where we come in.

Howard Cannon acts as an unbiased expert on behalf of the Client, using his years of experience and expertise to conduct an in-depth assessment and analysis. Howard shoots straight with a fair and honest unbiased assessment – removing the BS-factor – before anyone risks a ton of money or their life’s savings. This service is traditionally offered to investors, bankers, creditors, developers, entrepreneurs, and high-net worth clientele.

So, if someone thinks they have a great restaurant or bar idea and they want you to put your money into the deal, we can provide a wide-spectrum of services pertaining to the restaurant and bar industry for these clients.

We offer Coaching Services on both an Hourly and a Bundled Rate.

We also offer Onsite Assessments for Existing Concepts – on a Flat Daily Rate


Outside Advisory Board and Board of Directors Member Participation – Restaurant/Bar Companies:

Who better to have on your Board of Directors or Advisory Board than the guy who wrote the book about restaurants found in bookstores in more than 76 countries around the globe? Because of Mr. Cannon’s experience, expertise and knowledge about what is happening across the industry and to a large number of brands, he is often times called upon to participate in providing his insights. Call our office if you would like him to consider being an Outside Advisory Board Member or becoming a Board of Directors Member for your Restaurant or Bar company. He works with both privately and publicly-held restaurant, bar, food and beverage companies, in addition to considering taking on Advisory Board roles for Colleges and Universities, various cities, municipalities, and state organizations and government projects, as well as, various charitable organizations, that deal with restaurant, bar, food and beverage projects. Understandably, his time availability is limited; however, he can consider certain roles based on the needs and the expectations from the requesting organization.

We offer Board Participation – on a Flat Quarterly or Annual Rate


Restaurant Expert Witness Services: 

Our Clients:

We work with people from nearly every walk of life and basically every economic standing – however we specialize in working with high-net worth clients, lawyers, bankers, investors, entrepreneurs, and developers. In fact, working specifically with these individuals is a significant portion of our business and because of this, we know from experience that they come with a special set of circumstances and needs that we are quite familiar with. We are a highly specialized boutique firm. Please understand that our available project-load is limited due to the popularity of our services and our books.


Why should you use a Coach versus a Consultant?

We have learned – from our more than twenty-eight years of experience doing both consulting and coaching across the restaurant and bar industry and in markets across the country and around the globe – that it is much better for your success for us to teach you “how to fish” for yourself rather than simply “catching the fish for you” – that is the difference between Coaching and Consulting.

Our approach allows you and your team to become self-sufficient and independent, versus needing to rely on us or any other consultant for the long-haul. A consultant traditionally does the actual hands-on work for you; and, over time, more often than not – the client becomes reliant and dependent upon the consultant. This approach lasts as long as you are willing to continue to pay for it (which may be for many moons to come). Coaching is about teaching you how to handle your own business needs and how to rely on your own expertise.

By engaging Mr. Cannon as your personal Coach, he will tell you how it really is; teach you and your team what you need to do and how to do it for yourself; and, provide you with easy access to his expertise so that you can learn how to run every aspect of your restaurant and bar business yourself. He will only be a phone call away and reasonably available when you need him to give you industry best practices, systems, advice, tips and strategies used by the most successful restaurants and bars in the world. He will also help you strategize, work out details, and, coach you through the rough patches when they arise – providing you with the lessons that he has learned from being in the trenches of restaurants and bars his entire career, and provide you his one-of-a-kind perspective that will be more likely stay with you as you operate your business for years to come. It’s sort of like having him personally in your pocket (via your cell phone or your computer) when you need him.

Since 1987 we have been offering a wide-variety of restaurant and bar services to clients of all types and sizes in markets across the country and around the world – and we feel that nothing has been as effective as our personal Coaching Services.


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