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Litigation Disputes

Disputes – Franchise, Partnership, Landlord, Investor & Competitor

The restaurant industry sales in the past few years averages about $800 billion a year in America alone — employing 10% of the U.S. workforce, with close to 1 million food service establishments (according to the National Restaurant Association).  It’s no wonder with those kinds of numbers involved that disputes happen on a regular basis, with all kinds of relationships pertaining to the restaurant, bar, and hospitality industry.

Restaurant Litigation Disputes Require a Restaurant Expert:

Disagreements happen for many reasons and due to a wide variety of circumstances; and, when they do, all parties involved need a professional, reputable industry expert, such as Restaurant Expert Witness, Howard Cannon, to review the matter.  Howard’s more than 30 years of industry experience, insight, and knowledge enable him to provide you with guidance and restaurant litigation support; such as: unbiased opinions, testimony, and reports as needed.

Despite each party’s good intentions when first creating a Restaurant Partnership of any kind (be it Franchisee/Franchisor, Lessee/Lessor, and even Employee/Employer, among others), it’s almost inevitable that there will be a difference of opinion which can many times lead to more serious conflicts and eventual litigation between restaurant owners, operations, and/or investors.

Restaurant Expert Witness – Howard Cannon:

Howard Cannon has the industry skills, knowledge, training, and experience to provide an unbiased perspective to help settle these types of disputes which occur in the restaurant, bar, food and beverage industry.  With over 30 years of experience, Howard understands the unique and specific issues involved with restaurant companies and restaurant chains – including, business and corporate concerns, labor and employment, contract disputes, intellectual property, and more – for all types and sizes of establishments; including, mom-and-pop locations, chains, franchisors and franchisees, vendors, casinos, cruise ships and others.

Howard can identify problems specific to the restaurant/hospitality industry and can provide the industry expert perspective and standards needed with regard to:

  • Startup funding and organizational matters;
  • Purchase and sale of restaurants and assets;
  • Licensing and franchising;
  • Employee benefits;
  • Contract disputes;
  • Employment and wage-and-hour disputes;
  • Training;
  • General labor relations and employment;
  • Alcoholic beverage licensing, compliance and regulatory issues;
  • Intellectual property issues;
  • Leasing, zoning and land use;
  • Buy-sell agreements and other business contracts;
  • And, others.

Franchise Matters (serving both Franchisees & Franchisors):

  • General Negligence
  • Operations and Training Neglect
  • Marketing Neglect
  • Purchasing Neglect
  • Royalty Disputes
  • Lost Income and Lost Profit Claims
  • IP and Competition Claims

Funding Matters (serving Bankers, Investors, Vendors and Developers):

  • Partnership, Investor, Landlord & Funding Disputes
  • Mismanagement or Neglect
  • Forensic Analysis/Business Autopsy
  • Business Plan Assessment
  • Facility, Site, Construction & Equipment Matters
  • Creditor Analysis and Payment Disputes
  • Lost Income and Lost Profit Claims

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