Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security

A Must Read for EVERY
Restaurant Lawyer –
Plaintiff or Defendant

“This book will soon become
the bible
of the restaurant industry.”

Restaurant OSHA and
Industry Standards & 
Best Practices
in Simple Language

Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security

The Book of Restaurant Industry Standards & Best Practices

“As a trial lawyer, I am always looking to see if those in the lawsuit have followed the simple safety rules that are reasonable and customary for the industry to make us all safer.  This book is chock-full of rules that are not only good business but are designed to ensure the safety and health of all restaurant customers and employees.”  – Randy Edwards, Trial Attorney, Defensive Lineman, Alabama Crimson Tide and Seattle Seahawks

If you are a plaintiff or defense attorney involved in a restaurant or bar litigation matter, you need this book!  It could be the difference between winning or losing your case.

Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security, Howard Cannon

Every year, thousands of employees and customers die in restaurants; millions more are being injured, harmed, sickened, or maimed.  Before this calendar year is out, thousands will be dead, tens of thousands injured, and more than 90,000 people a day will become sickened from ingesting restaurant foods and beverages.  The majority of these incidents could have (and can be) prevented with Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security and restaurant industry standards in place.

Inside this book, you will discover:

  • What Makes Restaurants Unique to OSHA
  • Who Must Comply and Why
  • The Scientific Formula for Risk
  • Why OSHA is Applicable to All Restaurant Incidents
  • The Steps to Creating a Culture of Safety
  • How to Recognize Dangerous Conditions

You will learn:

  • The 100s of Best Practices that 1000s of Restaurants Across the Industry Use Nationwide
  • The Critically Important Restaurant Industry Standards, Codes & Laws of the Land
  • The Countless Restaurant Industry Recognized Dangerous Conditions & How They Should Be Removed
  • Why Compliance is Easy & Affordable
  • The “How-To” Strategies that 1000s of Restaurants  Are Implementing to Reduce Risks Before Someone Gets Injured, Harmed, Sickened, Maimed, or Killed

Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security

What People Are Saying:

“This book is an eye-opener for sure on how to avoid pain, suffering, and possible death while owning and operating restaurants or just enjoying America’s favorite pastime – eating out.  This book will soon become the bible of the restaurant industry.”Dan Wise, Retired Judge and Trial Lawyer, Current Resort and Restaurant Owner

“As an owner, I have struggled with the OSHA requirements because they have never been written specifically for restaurants – until now!  This book makes it easy for us to make our house safe for our employees and our guests.” Patz Turner, Owner of Icebar Orlando

“This book offers hundreds of methods that are crucial to safety.  The end result is an operation that protects the livelihood of its owners and everyone’s paycheck.”Chad Mudd, Multi-Unit Director/GM and Owner

“If you are about ready to open a restaurant, or need help with the regulations, this is the book to get.” – Chris Lawson, Non-Fiction Book Reviewer

Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security – Restaurant Expert Witness