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Judges and Juries respect Howard Cannon's expertise and recognize his famous books found in bookstores across America and in 76 countries around the world.

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Startup Restaurant Consulting Firm:

We offer Startup Services to high-net worth individuals and to restaurants and bars that are well-funded.  If you need a restaurant consultant and fall into one of those categories, we offer a wide-variety of products and services for starting a restaurant of any type, style, or size.

From national chains to single restaurants in your hometown, all restaurants started as an individual idea, a concept, a dream.  Some dreams have turned into bigger realities than the founders could have ever imagined.  Who would have thought a kiosk serving hamburgers would turn into a competitive fast-food marketplace where thousands of restaurants compete for your business every day?  Or that pizza made in a garage would turn into today’s pizza wars?  What’s next?  Maybe YOUR concept?

Let Restaurant Expert Witness Consulting Services help you make your dream become a reality!

Some of our Restaurant Startup Consulting Services include:

  • Name & Logo Creation
  • Branding Package
  • Business Plan
  • Investor Presentation
  • Website Design
  • Site & Feasibility Assessment
  • Site & Feasibility Study
  • Menu Creation
  • Signage Design
  • Operating Manual Creation
  • Concept Design
  • Operation Roll-out
  • Hourly, Daily, Weekly Rates

Restaurants are still one of America’s greatest entrepreneurial opportunities.

McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Chili’s, Subway, Ruth’s Chris, and hundreds of others, were once simply an entrepreneur’s dream written on a piece of paper, and all started with one single restaurant location. Entrepreneurs from nearly every walk of life have dared to dream about starting their own restaurant, and have taken action to make their dreams become a profitable reality.

Your restaurant dream could become the next hot concept; but, you need to know what steps to take, how and where to find the funding, how to select a winning site, how to create a profitable and popular menu, and a whole lot more.

Restaurant Startup Consultant, Howard Cannon:

Since 1987, Restaurant Consultant, Howard Cannon has helped open restaurants of all types and sizes in markets across America and around the world, for many of America’s largest restaurant brands, as well as hundreds of independents; and, his books on how to start a restaurant can be found in bookstores in 76 countries around the globe.

Let’s be clear – the difference between a restaurant dream and a restaurant nightmare is getting the business started correctly. You can roll the dice and do it on your own, then hope and pray that you don’t overlook some critical steps; OR, you can Start a Restaurant with Howard Cannon and learn from America’s most visible restaurant start-up expert.

Howard Cannon will help your dream of starting your own restaurant become a successful reality.

Howard can show you:

• How to Develop Your Restaurant Concept
• How to Create a Powerful Business Plan
• How to Determine How Much Money You Will Need
• How and Where to Get Start-up Funding
• How to Select the Right Restaurant Site
• How to Select Vendors, Products, and Services
• How to Create Your Menu and Determine Your Pricing
• How to Layout the Kitchen, the Dining Room, and the Rest of the Building
• How to Determine Staffing Levels, Labor Percentages, and Wage Rates
• How to Create Food Cost Systems
• How to Develop Operational Systems, Policies & Procedures
• How to Hire and Train Employees and Inspire Customer Satisfaction
• How to Create and Implement Your Own Successful Marketing & Branding
• How to Open for Business and Roll-out a Grand Opening
• How to Plan for Multiple Locations or Franchising
• How to Understand and Profit from the State of the Industry
• How to Drive Long-term Sales and Profits
• And much more . . .

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