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Safety & Security Expert Witness -Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants and Bars are supposed to be social gathering places — after all, we celebrate some of our most important life happenings in restaurants and bars; but, as patrons, we often forget that their primary reason to be in business is to make a profit by selling of alcohol, food and beverages, and entertainment.  Restaurants and bars are unique in the sense that they often operate until late hours of the evening, early hours of the morning, or even sometimes completely around the clock (24/7).  They often times attract customers from several different age and demographic groups.  This being the case, it is not unusual that serious situations involving behavioral misconduct, bar room brawls, and other dangerous situations often arise.

Restaurant Industry Safety Standard of Care

It is the restaurant or bar establishment’s responsibility to provide sufficient security to protect both their employees and their customers, alike.  This may be defined as that level of security which is considered to be reasonable and customary industry standard in order to fulfill its legal duty of care to those who are employed or frequent the establishment.  With 33+ years in the business, Restaurant Safety & Security Expert Witness – Howard Cannon has the industry knowledge and experience required to evaluate the many variables that are used to determine if the industry standard of care for security has (or has not) been provided; which includes, for example, considering the type of venue, location, age group, etc.; as well as, the type of security implemented – bouncers, door men, floor men, security officers, etc.

Restaurant Security Equipment

Additionally, there are several types of security equipment that are standard and customary in the industry which aid in maintaining the safety and security of the establishment; such as video surveillance cameras, alarm systems, fortified glass at drive-thru windows, panic buttons, automatic door locks, and more — which go hand-in-hand with proper and ongoing safety training and procedures.

Restaurant Safety & Security Expert

Howard Cannon is retained by both plaintiff and defense law firms in litigation matters involving allegations of inadequate security, foreseeability, premises liability, and in security negligence matters involving allegations of negligent hiring, training, supervision.

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