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Using an Expert Witness

Why might you need a Restaurant Expert Witness?

Let’s face it, disagreements, disputes, accidents, and altercations happen due to a wide variety of circumstances; and, when they do, all parties involved need professional, reputable industry experts to review the matter and assist by providing industry experience, insight, guidance, opinions, testimony, and reports that will aid in solving, resolving, or settling the matter efficiently and effectively.

In instances when one might decide to use an expert witness to increase the credibility of his/her restaurant case, there is no better expert than Restaurant Expert Witness – Howard Cannon.

When to consult a Restaurant Expert Witness?

The sooner, the better!  It is best to consult a restaurant expert witness as early as possible, as he may be your most valuable resource.  A restaurant expert witness can assist in preparing a complaint or in preparing a defense to a lawsuit or legal matter involving restaurant litigation.

What is a Restaurant Expert Witness Report?

Restaurant Expert Witness – Howard Cannon will provide a written report (although, sometimes an oral opinion is required) which includes opinions about the matter which he examined and analyzed.  This expert opinion will be written in a clear, confident and supportable manner – stating the opinion(s) and the reasoning behind it.  In addition, the expert report will contain all documentation and information considered in the process of forming such opinion(s); including a list of all exhibits, photographs, diagrams, publications, and resources used to support it.  All documents reviewed in consideration of the matter will be cited, regardless as to whether or not they are relied upon in the process of preparing his expert report.  Mr. Cannon’s expert witness report will also contain a listing of publications he authored.

Judges and Juries respect Howard Cannon’s industry expertise in regard to his restaurant expert witness and restaurant litigation support services – having provided expert witness testimony, expert opinions, and expert reports in both state and  federal cases for plainftiffs and defendants; and, they recognize his famous restaurant industry books found in bookstores across America and in 76 countries around the world.

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