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Howard Cannon Violence in Restaurants

Did You Know

Did you know that restaurants are more likely to experience workplace violence than any other industry in America? In this article we will help you find out why restaurants are so prone to violence, what leads to violence, the practical steps to help make restaurants safe, and the insider information that you need when dealing with one of these legal matters.

Workplace violence can be exhibited in a variety of ways, from verbal threats to violent criminal acts such as physical or sexual assault, rape, murder, and robbery. The workplace may be any location, where an employee performs any work-related duty, including, but not limited to, the restaurant, the surrounding perimeters, the parking lots and field locations.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS),retail establishments are almost twice as likely as other private industry establishments to experience workplace violence each year. They have the third highest victimization rate after law enforcement and mental health professionals; and they experience 21 percent of all workplace robberies.

Workplace Violence

Workplace violence has long been prevalent in the restaurant industry due to several high-risk factors. Such as the exchange of cash with the public; working alone, locations that are isolated or in high-crime areas. Also, delivering of food products; the sale of alcoholic beverages; poorly lit areas and parking lots and working late night or early morning hours. Or failure to train employees to recognize and manage hostile and aggressive behavior among customers.

Harassment-Not All Violence Is Physical. Besides, workplace violence can consist of threatening behavior or verbal abuse (including profanity and lewd behavior) occurring in the work setting. Furthermore it is unlawful to harass any person (restaurant applicant, employee, customer, etc.) because of that person’s sex.

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