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If Employees Don’t Speak Your Language, They Don’t Understand You

First and foremost, OSHA standards require that employees receive training so work can be performed in a safe and healthful manner; and it is required that this training is provided in a manner, a language, and a vocabulary that is understandable to each and every employee. In other words, information must be presented in such a way that the employees receiving it are capable of also understanding it. (For further clarification, see 15: Training in a Language the Employees Understand is a Requirement).


OSHA Considers Safety and Health Training Vital to Every Workplace

The content of a restaurant company’s training program and the methods used in presenting it should not only be in direct alignment with industry standards, but should also reflect the needs and characteristics of each particular restaurant establishment and workforce. OSHA provides five principles of teaching and learning to maximize program effectiveness:

1) Trainees should understand the purpose of the training.

2) Information should be organized to maximize effectiveness.

3) People learn best when they can immediately practice and apply newly acquired knowledge and skills.

4) As trainees practice, they should get feedback.

5) People learn in different ways, so effective programs incorporate a variety of training methods.



Safety Training Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

 Whenever possible, try to make OSHA, Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security, and safety, health, and security training more than just informational. It must and should be educational, but it is important that you try to make it fun, interesting, and engaging as well. In doing this, it helps make the trainer more interested in presenting the material and the trainees more likely to retain the information presented to them and apply the information (methods and processes) properly if and when it is necessary for them to do so. Not to mention that this will also help prevent frustration from forming that is often experienced (by both the trainer and the trainees) when loads of information is spewed forth upon them in an antiseptic, long, boring, lecture-style manner— we’ve all been there, done that.

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