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Performance Evaluations

It is not enough to train, and then just walk away. The reasonable and customary industry standard is for periodic performance evaluations to be conducted to help determine whether or not the training that you and the other members of the management team have provided has been truly understood and implemented by your employees—individually and collectively—and whether the training is helping to achieve your individual restaurant’s (or group of restaurants’) safety, health, and security goals and objectives.

Once you have provided training, do not hesitate to test your employees by asking them to explain their job tasks, any potential hazards, and the protective measures they have been provided with and asked to incorporate. Don’t be afraid to do written and oral quizzes and tests on the policies, procedures, standards, and systems as well. Encourage participants to provide feedback not only to your training methods, but also to provide any ideas and suggestions they have that could make their jobs and the restaurant safer, healthier, and more secure.

Compare results by keeping track of pre- and post-training injury and accident rates, near-misses, and behaviors as they pertain to safety, health, and security by all employees. Remember that positive feedback given to employees for safe, healthy, and secure work practices and behaviors is a very powerful tool. It helps workers establish new safety patterns and provides positive reinforcement for the desired behavior you want them to continue to incorporate into their day-to-day job duties and responsibilities.

Without exception, training is an essential part of protecting workers, customers, and vendors from injuries and illnesses. It must be provided to all employees—including management, supervisors, owners, and executives (no one gets a free pass)—and should be enforced, reiterated, and evaluated throughout their entire employment history.

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