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Your Audience Loves Restaurants and Bars!

They frequent them regularly every week and they continue to support the potpourri of television shows and celebrity chefs.  But, they deserve and demand a new perspective – one that will make them think differently about America’s Industry of Opportunity and America’s Most Dangerous Establishments.

Media Inquiries
Restaurant Expert Witness
TV, Radio, Print or News Publications

Invite Howard Cannon – America’s most respected Restaurant and Bar Expert Witness to participate on your Television or Radio Newscast, TV or Radio Show, or within your Print or News Publications.

His unique and memorable perspective will change the way your audience thinks about restaurants and bars.  He will share shocking, real-life dirty secrets that plaque the industry.

Whether it’s discussing the impact of minimum wage on our country or delving into food contaminations and how they can change your life – or nearly any restaurant, bar, food or beverage subject matter in between – Howard will provide countless facts, bust a ton of myths, and deliver a heaping helping of insider secrets that will be sure to engage, entertain, and inform your audience.

After all, not only did he write the book about restaurants found in bookstores in 76 countries around the globe, but state and federal courts across the country have relied on his expertise and so should you.

Be sure to watch our Media Splash Reel of Howard in action on various forms of media; and, feel free to call our Corporate Office to get Howard on your show.

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Media Inquiries - Restaurant Expert Witness

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