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Restaurant Expert Witness Blog

Restaurant Expert Witness Blog

Howard has authored books published in 76 countries around the globe, his writings have been published in a wide-variety of magazines and newspapers, he has been featured on television and radio, and has given speeches and seminars about restaurants to people from nearly every walk of life in markets across the country and around the world; and, Howard has had the pleasure to work with many of the world’s most prominent restaurant chains, as well as hundreds of independent “mom-and-pop” operators.  Howard is well-known for his outrageous level of intensity and his ever-focused demand for results as it pertains to restaurants.

Howard is the CEO of Restaurant Operations Institute, Inc., as well as, several other highly-prominent restaurant brands; including, Restaurant Expert Witness and Restaurant Consultants of America.  Since Howard’s humble beginnings in 1987, he has completed projects of all types and sizes, in concepts ranging from fast food to fine dining, for corporate giants and Fortune 500 firms to single-unit independent operators.  He has worked in every state of the United States and in several countries around the world; including, Canada, Mexico, England, France, Asia, India, the Philippines, Haiti, and others.

Howard Cannon has spoken at many industry events, corporate gatherings, culinary institutes, universities, and high schools across the country and around the world; and, through the use of passion, humor, memorable analogies, industry know how, and storytelling, he has created content that is like nothing else available in the world today.

Restaurant Expert Witness Blog, Restaurant Consultant Expert - Howard Cannon

Restaurant Expert Witness Blog – Howard Cannon

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