Restaurant Expert Witness Services Accolades

Restaurant Expert Witness Services:

 “I hired Howard Cannon, from Restaurant Expert Witness™ (a division of Restaurant Consultants of America™), when my opponent claimed (after 3 years of litigation) that everything from its Caesar salad to its cheesecake was a trade secret. Howard reviewed thousands of pages of documents and wrote a fabulous expert report explaining how, for example, the croissant was actually invented following the siege of Vienna in 1683, not by a bakery business founded in the mid 1990’s. If you need an expert witness to explain something in plain, common sense terms, who better than the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting a Restaurant©? I highly recommend Howard Cannon’s firm to handle your restaurant expert witness matters and look forward to working with him again.” – Randy Edwards, Esq. JD., Cochran & Edwards, Smyrna, GA


Restaurant Consulting Services:

“Restaurant Expert Witness’ consulting services helped my restaurant company with a turnaround of our existing business and a redesign of our logo, menu and brand. We are investment bankers, and soon after acquiring the company, we realized that the entire business model ‘got off on the wrong foot’ due to poor management, low-food quality, and lack of systems by the previous leadership. This, along with several marketing and operational blunders, and we were in a position where the brand could not realize its considerable potential. With focus and intensity, Howard and Restaurant Consultants of America™ got us on track quickly. I would personally recommend Restaurant Consultants of America™ for any restaurant or bar needing an immediate ‘shot-in-the-arm’-style turnaround, or creative and memorable restaurant concept design or re-design.” – Mark Barhonovich, CEO, Caney Fork Restaurant, Nashville, TN

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