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  • Harassment & Discrimination
  • Partnership & Franchise Disputes
  • Trade Secrets & IP Disputes
  • Workplace Violence
  • Management Neglect
  • Competent Person Oversight
  • Industry Standards & Best Practices

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With 30+ years of experience as a restaurant consultant and forensic expert, Howard Cannon is one of America’s most sought-after authorities on restaurant operations. He provides restaurant, bar and hospitality industry expert witness services, forensic analysis, and litigation support for plaintiff and defendant attorneys nationwide.

We have more than 200 forensic expert witness cases and over 300 pre-litigation consulting matters to our credit – in State and Federal courts, for Plaintiffs and Defendants, in markets across the United States.

Since 1987, we have been providing restaurant, bar, and hospitality industry services; such as: expert witness services, safety and security training, and consulting and advisory services of various kinds – to clients of all types and sizes – Nationwide and in markets around the globe.  We do not charge for domestic travel.

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Restaurant Expert Witness Services included, but not limited to:

  • Expert Witness Reports & Opinions
  • Deposition & Trial Testimony
  • Onsite Surveys & Assessment
  • Private Investigations
  • Expert Analyses & Consulting
  • Safety & Risk Management Coaching


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Restaurant Expert Witness – Howard Cannon is America’s most prolific and most recognizable restaurant, bar, hospitality, food, and beverage industry forensic expert witness. He, and his firms provide expert industry opinions, analyses, consultation, expertise, and content. Our services include expert witness written reports, affidavits, testimony, and oral opinions. We also write books, industry standards, course curriculums, workbooks, tests and provide safety training classes of various kinds. We provide services to clients of all types and sizes in markets across the country and around the globe.

Every year, thousands of lawsuits, insurance claims, and disputes happen in restaurants and bars.  Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Judges, and Juries respect and rely on our expertise to provide unbiased opinions, reports, and testimony in both State and Federal courts.

Howard Cannon’s more than 30 years of experience makes him one of the most sought-after experts in the country. He takes great pride in providing the most detailed, well-written, unbiased reports and opinions backed up by, not only his vast experience in the restaurant industry, but also the most current information and research available and scientific methods; AND, he never misses a deadline!
Restaurant Expert Witness is a division of Restaurant Operations Institute, Inc. (ROI, Inc), which was founded in 1987. Howard Cannon is the founder and sole-owner of ROI, Inc. His expertise as a restaurant consultant and expert witness for the restaurant, bar, and food service industry is derived from his unique and broad-based industry experience spanning over the course of his 30+ year career. He has held positions ranging from hourly staff to executive-level, employee to employer, restaurant consultant to analyst, industry speaker to trade magazine publisher, writer and author, mediator and expert witness.

Restaurant Expert Witness, Howard Cannon, only provides expert witness services in restaurant, bar, hospitality, food and beverage industry related matters.

What you can expect from Restaurant Expert Witness services

    • Objective Analysis and Reports- We provide a credible, objective, and professional perspective based on restaurant, bar, hospitality, food and beverage industry standards, policies, procedures and best practices backed with research and information.
    • Punctuality- Our written reports, affidavits, declarations, and oral opinions are always on time. We hit deadlines.
    • Well-Written Reports- As an experienced writer and published author, with books and articles in dozens of markets around the globe, we deliver clear and concise expert reports with an effective and efficient message. Our reports include citing from materials and publications referenced, in addition to a list of all documents considered. All expert reports are based on the retaining counsel’s specific Scope of Assignment.
    • Well-Spoken Testimony- We have tons of experience speaking in front of crowds – large and small – in court rooms, as well as, hundreds of industry speeches, workshops, classes, events, and seminars. Mr. Cannon is not only comfortable in speaking in front of any size group, type of group, or any court of law, but he does so with an articulate, clear, and concise message that can be easily understood and retained.
    • Credibility- Howard is not only certified in OSHA, HACCP, and TiPs but he wrote Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security: The Book of Restaurant Industry Standards & best Practices© – 2016 and the subsequent classes that were derived from it for both Management-Level and Employee-Level industry employees. He also has nearly forty years of day-to-day, real-world, restaurant, bar, hospitality, food and beverage industry hands-on experience. This combined with his highly recognizable books and hundreds of published articles and pieces of content, ensures that you can be confident that we know restaurants and bars from virtually every conceivable angle.

We wrote the book of Restaurant Industry Standards & Best Practices: Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security ©2016, and we create the safety training courses and curriculum that restaurant managers and employees take. Others cite us.

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Restaurant Expert Witness Services

Restaurant Expert Witness – Howard Cannon provides Restaurant, Bar and Hospitality industry expert witness services, forensic analysis, and litigation support for Plaintiffs’ and Defendants’ attorneys Nationwide.

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