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    — Howard’s areas of expertise pertaining to restaurant, bar, and food service industry litigation matters include, but are not limited to:  Restaurant Slips, Trips & Falls; Premises Liability; Forensic Analysis; Alcohol Liability/Dram Shop; Lost Income; Royalty Disputes; Restaurant Discrimination; Customer Injuries; Wage & Labor Claims; Trade Secrets; Intellectual Property; Restaurant OSHA; Americans with Disabilities Act […]
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Restaurant Expert Witness is one of America’s most highly-visible, and highly-recognizable restaurant, bar, and food service industry expert witness, advisory, and restaurant consulting firms — providing industry analyses, consultation, expertise, opinions, advice, management, mediation, content, and expert witness services (including, expert witness opinions, testimony and reports, etc.) to clients of all types and sizes, and in markets across the country and around the globe.  Restaurant Expert Witness is a division of Restaurant Operations Institute, Inc. (ROI, Inc.) - founded in 1987.

Howard Cannon, Restaurant Consultant Expert, is the founder and sole-owner of ROI, Inc.  His expertise as a restaurant consultant and expert witness in the restaurant, bar, and foodservice industry is derived from his unique and broad-based industry experience during the length of his career.  He has held positions ranging from hourly staff to executive-level; employee to employer; restaurant consultant to analyst; industry speaker to trade magazine publisher; and, author to expert witness.

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Restaurant Consultant / Restaurant Expert Witness – Howard Cannon, only  provides restaurant expert witness services and litigation support (restaurant expert witness testimony, expert opinions,  and expert reports) for restaurant,  hospitality, bar, food service, and food safety related matters.  If you’re searching for a Restaurant Expert Witness, Hospitality Expert Witness, Food Service or Food Safety Expert, keep in mind that Restaurant Consultant Expert, Howard Cannon’s areas of expertise pertaining to these industry sectors include, but are not limited to, the following . . .  are not limited to:

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