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People jump from airplanes for fun, or so I’ve read. These skydivers are accepting a clear risk when they make the big leap, which is the possibility that their parachutes won’t open.

The risk involved in the restaurant business is quite a bit murkier, but plenty of situations could send your business into the ground as fast as any desperate skydiver. Imagine getting sued because your coffee is too hot or your eggs weren’t cooked right. If you are in the restaurant business, you are in the risk business.

The best way for you to know the risks for your particular restaurant is to do some heavy-duty homework. Every city, county, and state has different rules, regulations, licensing, safety guidelines, and levels of liability assumed. Available insurance options and premiums also vary from place to place.

Look around and ask some questions. Talk to your lawyer, accountant, real estate agent, insurance agent, and with other restaurant owners and operators. Spend some time at the library and ask for assistance from any and all governmental agencies. But most of all think about what could happen. Imagine the worst.

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