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How Will Creating a Culture of Safety Help My Business?


culture of safety


A culture of safety must be create and maintained by those in charge (restaurant owners, operators, managers, etc.) of the restaurant(s) by taking the steps to create well-planned and well-written policies, procedures, and practices. These written policies, procedures, and practices must then be implemented and trained and must be used by all of the employees throughout the organization (at every level), thereby creating shared understandings, values, and beliefs among all of the employers and employees of the restaurant and the restaurant company-making safety, health, and security top-of-mind for everyone.

A positive culture of safety, health, and security provides a big boost in employee morale while simultaneously improving productivity and decreasing workplace injuries, illnesses, and death. In turn, this decrease in workplace incidents also lowers insurance premiums and operating expenses for your restaurant establishment.

Research shows that a strong culture of safety, above anything else, has the single greatest impact on incident and accident reduction in the workplace. For no other reason than this, it should be the number one priority for all restaurant owners, managers, executives, decision-makers, and employers


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