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Officials say the man died after breathing in fumes from a cleaning agent

buffalo wild wings death


One death and ten others are hospitalized after two common cleaners caused a toxic fume in a Buffalo Wild Wings last Thursday (Nov. 7), according to news reports. The incident occurred when an employee began to clean the kitchen floor at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Burlington, Massachusetts. Unknowingly, an acid based cleaner had been previously spilled so when a bleach cleaner was applied it created a mixture that began to turn green and bubble. The cleaning agent used was Super 8 that contains sodium hypochlorite, which is a “high concentrate” of chlorine. The mixture of the two chemicals caused the toxic fumes which gave the employee burning eyes and breathing problems. Once the employee stepped out due to their complications the manager tried to squeegee the mixture outside through the back door. The manager of that Buffalo Wild Wings, 32-year-old Ryan Baldera, was taken to a hospital, where he died. The ten others were also taken to the hospital and were treated for exposure to toxic fumes but are not severely injured. To find out more about this article click here.


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