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So what will your restaurant be? At the heart of your answer to this question is the core menu concept, which will more clearly define what your decor, ambience, style of dining service, and overall concept should look like.

Don’t try to be everything to everybody. Instead, try to be something great to specific people. Too often in the restaurant business, the quest for more sales leads to the creation of large, unmanageable menus that cause operational glitches and profitability strain. Not everyone will eat at your restaurant anyway, so why not concentrate on those who will? Finding these customers is first about finding yourself and your passion.

The more things you try, the more difficult it is to be great at one of them. What, for instance, would make a pizza place think they should serve breakfast or a taco joint serve gourmet coffee? Surveys show that consumers pigeonhole most restaurants in one or two core concepts, and unless you have a marketing budget that rivals McDonald’s, that perception is quite difficult to change. Even McDonald’s has thrown away big dollars in different parts of the country trying to add day-parts and be something they are not to the consumer.

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