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Howard Cannon has spoken at many industry events, corporate gatherings, culinary institutes, universities, and high schools across the country and around the world; and, through the use of passion, humor, memorable analogies, industry know how, and storytelling, he has created content that is like nothing else available in the world today.  Consider attending one of Howard Cannon’s Signature Seminars.  His unique and memorable content will help you learn and grow, and feel challenged and inspired.  His “no-holds barred” approach will make your seminar experience inspirational, demanding, memorable, and results oriented. If you have an interest in getting to know Howard, his company, his brands, and his life’s work in restaurants in greater detail, feel free to contact our corporate office and request a complete and up-to-date bio/CV.  Whether you read one of his books or articles, attend one of his speeches or seminars, or he has the good fortune to assist you with making your restaurant dream become a reality, you will be inspired; and, he will leave you with a wonderful new perspective about restaurants and the restaurant industry.

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