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The flow of cash into a restaurant is essential. When you are not serving up any soup or enchiladas, you are not making money to support your restaurant. Thus, you need to look around for money to keep the restaurant going.

You can find money wherever there’s a piggy bank. Although a piggy bank is not the first place you should look for funding, no place should be ignored. You may find cash in your old guitars or in a banker’s signature. But you have to examine all possible sources in order to find it.

There are many sources on the Internet that can point an aspiring entrepreneur in the direction of getting his or her dreams funded. The Wall Street Journal has a website called There is a section devoted to financing your business. It includes information on the state of venture capitalist and angels as well as small business loans. Ultimately, the more you know about your business, about what you want to accomplish and the funding opportunities available to you the better your chances of finding money without liquidating your assets. Knowledge is your friend.

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