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Use these ideas to help you create a more caring environment and open lines of communication in your restaurant:

  • Invite different members of your team to breakfast once a month to discuss business and life in general. Just getting to know each other improves all aspects of the relationship. I call these breakfast roundtables and invite four to five people the third Saturday of every month.
  • Make work more of a personal experience. Remember to celebrate birthdays, give Christmas gifts, talk about family and friends, and take soup to ill team members.
  • Spend time teaching your team goal-setting techniques and providing personal life enhancement “how to” classes, such as how to buy a home, how to go back to school, how to improve grades, and so on. These training sessions show that you want to help employees improve their lives. You are demonstrating that you don’t just care about your restaurant. And if you do, your employees will know.
  • Just put forth the effort to show that you care.
  • When giving an employee a performance review, give him or her the same form that you are using and have them review your performance. Not only does this take the pressure off them and level the field, it allows him or her to give you feedback. Acting on that feedback shows the employee that you care about their opinion and ways to make his or her job easier.

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