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Everything that a customer feels, sees, hears, and smells in a restaurant is an impression. From the moment customers pull into the parking lot to the very last view of your facility out the rear view mirror, they inhale atmosphere, good or bad. Colors, sizes, sounds, shapes, textures, forms, smells, uniforms, and noise level all combine to make an impact that should be remembered in a good way.

A restaurant concept design team ensures that all pieces of the puzzle fit together. The concept, site, staff, uniforms, and equipment all function as parts of a working whole. This kind of structure is known as a congruent organization.

I often see restaurant owners determining the menu and restaurant concept mere weeks before opening for business. By then, it’s too late. Nearly everything you purchase or design must be in place early on. Don’t assume that you can adapt or adjust a restaurant kitchen to nearly any menu or concept. It’s not that easy and can be quite expensive. A design team can help you avoid such costly last-minute changes.

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