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Marketing Tips to Consider

Marketing is a multifaceted endeavor. Use this list of tips to create great marketing:

Packaging: Put your logo on things the consumer carries out of your restaurant (cups, bags, and so on) and make it noticeable. In contrast, putting your restaurant logo on a paper napkin that is going to be used and immediately tossed in the trash is an expensive endeavor with not much reward.

Point of purchase (P.O.P.): Make P.O.P. more effective by placing your message in a position that customers are most likely to see. Go stand in line and see what they see or drive through your drive-thru lane and then make adjustments.

Coupons: Put an expiration date on a coupon to drive the customer to your restaurant by a given date. Make the coupon of interest to the consumer (make it of decent value) and make the date of expiration noticeable (don’t use that small type that no one can read).

Discounts: Do not discount food and beverage in the drive-thru, at the menu board, or on the menu. Think about it. The consumer is already in line to buy your products at full price. Why would you discount them now? The only reason to discount is to drive people into your restaurant.

Bounce backs: Use a bounce back to drive customer frequency. A bounce back is a coupon that is given to a customer who is using your business establishment. Coupons taped to pizza boxes or handed out to customers when they pay are forms of bounce backs.

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