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Choosing the Right Restaurant Site

  • Understanding the requirements behind site selection
  • Determining accessibility and traffic
  • Determining preliminary space requirements
  • Choosing and securing the site that’s right for you
  • Sealing the deal

Where is your restaurant? Your answer to this question may be the single most important factor in your restaurant’s success. To be a success in the restaurant business, you need more than a great concept. Plenty of great concept ideas are failing miserably because of poor sites. The opposite is also true. Plenty of mediocre concepts with grade-A sites are making money hand over fist.

Look around you. Fast-food joints populate the interstate and small coffee shops have sprung up inside bookstores. Maybe you’ve noticed the sandwich shops and dessert kiosks inside department stores. Or possibly you’ve visited the fine-dining establishment at the top of the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington. If you’ve been to a ball game recently, you may have noticed that many stadiums have moved beyond the typical hot dog vendor to offer a great variety of restaurants. From a gas station that offers Chinese food to a fine-dining restaurant by a racetrack, the options for combining concept and location seem endless.

When your dream comes clearly into focus, you must concentrate on the critical matter of site selection. This chapter covers the restaurant site search and selection game. Here you will find out how to search for your new home away from home. This chapter is about finding opportunities and then cutting a deal.

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