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Depending on your concept, certain positions are more critical to your restaurant’s success than others. For example, a chef and sous chef are important in a fine-dining establishment, a drive-thru order taker and expediter are important in a fast-food drive-thru concept, and a bartender is essential in a restaurant with an upscale cocktail lounge. Make a list of all the positions that your restaurant concept needs with a general outline of duties. This will allow you to complete the next step better.

However, regardless of concept, the management people are the key to a successful restaurant. This group of people includes you (the owner) or your manager and the assistant manager or shift manager. This group also includes your category managers. Managers call the shots and are experts in their respective areas of responsibility. They are responsible for training the staff, building employee morale, improving operational performance, and more.

Most good restaurants have an individual who is in charge of each of the different areas of the restaurant: a dining room manager (sometimes called a host or head waitress), a bar manager, and a kitchen manager or chef, for example. These people are critical components to the successful operation and execution of your restaurant. Without this hands-on leadership, your staff will have a difficult time staying focused on what is and isn’t important and will approach their responsibilities in an uninspired and undirected manner.

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Restaurant Expert Witness

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