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We proudly provide restaurant owners, managers, employees, executives, vendors, and instructors with the restaurant industry safety and security training, testing, course curriculums, video courses, and safety awareness tools they must have to comply with the law, meet the industry standard, and own and operate safe restaurants. Join us in The Restaurant Vault, where you will find all of our safety and security materials. We guarantee that you will find our content comprehensive, convenient, and for a limited time, FREE. We love safe restaurants and so should you.

Cannon established Restaurant Operations Institute more than 35+ years ago in Madison, Wisconsin, and relocated to Birmingham, Ala. in 1999. He said the company will soon announce the addition of two new businesses to the ROI family, which currently includes Restaurant Expert Witness and Restaurant OSHA. “We’ve created a new team, a new culture, that will not only help us grow our business, but help others launch theirs,” Cannon said. “We’ve aligned all of our arrows and they’re pointing towards success.”

About Restaurant Operations Institute, Inc.

Restaurant Operations Institute, Inc., is the parent company of Restaurant Expert Witness and Restaurant OSHA. Through REW, Howard Cannon provides restaurant, bar and hospitality industry expert witness services, forensic analysis and litigation support for legal cases nationwide. Restaurant OSHA produces workbooks, textbooks, classes and curriculum designed to educate the nation’s restaurant workers, managers, owners and executives about the industry standards and best practices for safe working environments.

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