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Restaurant Expert Witness

About 11 million people work in the restaurant industry in the United States, which makes the industry the second largest employer in the country behind the federal government. As you’ll learn when you start your restaurant, these folks have a tendency to change jobs.

Turnover in the restaurant business has become a disease of astronomical proportions. Industry turnover averages run in excess of 200 percent for hourly employees and exceed 100 percent for salaried management. To put these numbers into perspective, if you have a projected staff level of 35 employees and a projected turnover of 200 percent, you will need to hire 70 employees in the next year to stay at 35. In this example, the average tenure of one of your restaurant employees is six months.

In addition, the shortage of qualified applicants is growing. Turnover has affected every segment of the industry and continues to be a driving force behind rising compensation levels, poor operations, and profit erosion.

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