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Losing Focus

Losing Focus   Poor execution is a bad meal, an unhappy employee, or a misplaced order. It is lost focus or what I facetiously call “that loving feeling.” Lost focus allows things to slide. For some reason or another, maybe personal issues, ego issues,...


“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in you absences.” To learn more about Restaurant Expert Witness, Howard Cannon, and the expert services he provides, please click here:  Howard Cannon,...

Factoid #106

“Proportionally hash browns have more fat and calories than a Big Mac.” Call today for a FREE confidential,  no-obligation initial consultation with Restaurant Expert Witness – Howard Cannon:  800.300.5764

You gotta research…Restaurant Expert Witness

You gotta research…Restaurant Expert Witness. The best decisions are informed ones. Research can take a lot of time and effort and can cost a bit of money, but great research can and does save many times its original cost and is the best way to determine your...
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