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What kind of restaurant do you want to own? Don’t just sell food. Instead, sell something you are passionate about because your passion could make all the difference.

Kee Chan opened his Heat restaurant in Chicago because he wanted to give the customer a whole different level of sushi. Unlike most Japanese restaurants, Heat displays live fish in saltwater tanks for the customers to select. Heat is trying to deliver an authentic Japanese dining experience. You can see and feel the passion as the restaurant workers secure your personally selected fish, prepare it behind the sushi bar (sliced thin), and _serve it.

Of course, you don’t have to have such a noble reason to open a restaurant as to provide an authentic ethnic meal or experience. Frank Carney once stated that he simply loved eating pizza, so he founded Pizza Hut. Tom Moghnahan wanted pizza delivered to his home and saw an untapped marketable concept and service. His desire and observations led him to found Domino’s Pizza. Passion can come through in a variety of ways. So what is your passion? And what isn’t?

A vegetarian probably should not own a steak house. If you don’t like seafood, stay away from a crab shack. This observation is simple, but true: If the owner doesn’t love the restaurant, why would the employees? And if the employees don’t love the restaurant, the customers are not likely to fall head over heels for it either.

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