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Kitchen Equipment Needs

Formats for the back of the house vary from restaurant to restaurant. A fast-food restaurant, such as Taco Bell, has a completely different back of the house than a fine-dining establishment. Taco Bell restaurants, for example, have what is called a k-minus or kitchen-minus concept. They have done everything they reasonably could to design their restaurants and menus in a way that requires as little kitchen and storage space as possible. At Taco Bell, most items are prepared, sliced, diced, and precooked off site. In contrast, if you walk through the kitchen of the legendary Cajun restaurant Broussard’s in New Orleans, you’ll see the chefs and kitchen staff preparing the menu themselves with the necessary equipment.

This comparison of Taco Bell and Broussard’s illustrates the fact that your equipment requirements depend upon two factors: your menu and your use of convenience or prepared products. The more extensive your menu is, the more equipment you will need. Conversely, the more convenience products you use, the less equipment you will need.

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