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Identifying hazards in your restaurant and eliminating or controlling them as early as possible will most likely and most reasonably help in preventing injuries and illnesses. There are various hazard analysis methodologies for doing so. A hazard is a potential for harm. In practical terms, a hazard is often associated with a condition or activity (or lack thereof) that, if left unchanged or uncontrolled, can result in someone being injured, harmed, sickened, maimed, or killed.

There are several ways to conduct a hazard analysis in the workplace to identify and recognize dangerous conditions that may cause harm or serious injury; and the higher the risk and severity of possible injury or harm, the more detailed and sophisticated the hazard analysis methodology needs to be. As a rule, however, a basic step-by-step review is sufficient and should be done many times throughout the course of the year. This is just one of the reasons that you will find Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security most helpful.

  • Use common sense at it is one of the most important tools in recognizing and identifying hazards during any hazard analysis process.
  • Conduct a well-written, well-planned series of what-if scenarios analysis that should be provided by a member of management in the restaurant industry.
  • Conduct a Job Hazards Analysis (JHA) or Job Safety Analysis (JSA) periodically for each restaurant position to avoid deviations (from uncontrollable variables) that may create or already have created hazards. (Please refer to section 23: The Process of Job Hazard Analysis.)


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