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Restaurant Expert Witness

Restaurant Expert Witness, Howard Cannon, only provides expert witness services in restaurant, bar, food service, hospitality industry, and food and beverage industry matters.

Based on objectivity and sound professional principles applied to the particular issue presented before the court, Restaurant Expert Witness – Howard Cannon provides:

    • Credibility – More than 30 years of day-to-day, real-world, restaurant, bar, hospitality, and food service industry and restaurant consulting experience. Howard is OSHA and HACCP (food safety) certified. This, combined with his highly-recognizable books and hundreds of published articles and pieces of content, and you can be confident that Howard knows restaurants, bars, and food service establishments from virtually every conceivable angle.
    • Objective Analysis & Reports – based on customarily relied upon restaurant, hospitality, and food service industry practices, and based on an opinion that is rock-solid and backed by industry research and information.  Howard provides a credible, objective professional perspective of the matter at hand.
    • Well-Spoken Expert Testimony – Howard has given hundreds of restaurant, food service, and hospitality expert industry speeches and seminars, and is quite comfortable speaking in front of any size or type of group, or any court of law; with experience in both state and federal cases.
    • Well-Written Reports – Howard Cannon is a published author and experienced writer with books and articles published in dozens of markets around the globe, so you can trust him to deliver a clear and concise expert report with an effective and efficient message, opinion and basis – based on retaining counsel’s Scope of Assignment; including citing from materials and publications referenced, in addition to a list of all documents considered.
    • On Time – Mr. Cannon’s expert witness reports and/or opinions are always on time . . . he hits deadlines – period!

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