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Thursday’s Tools of the Trade

Top Ten {Apps}

Restaurant Expert Witness Top Ten Apps

  1. eZee Menu:

eZee Menu allows a restaurant to create an interactive, visual digital menu for their customers. Their customization tools allow you to work to align the look of the menu with the restaurant’s branding. Categories within the menu can be customized by the restaurant and the app features include precision ordering allowing guests to order menu items with customizations that are sent directly to the restaurant’s kitchen employees. Restaurant’s taking advantage of this app also have the option of receiving customer feedback through the app.

A visual menu with an easy ordering system that your guests can access for free from their own devices? There is no question why this app has made our Top Ten list.

  1. No Wait Host

No Wait Host has some great features that restaurants are going to get on board with. Is there anything worse than customers who are angry and frustrated because of a long wait time or a host/hostess who is frazzled trying to get everyone seated? (There are probably worse things, but for the sake of this post let’s pretend there aren’t.) No Wait Host will provide your staff with the tools to streamline the waiting and seating process while simultaneously providing your guests with an easy experience and more accurate wait times. Customize the app with your floor map and server sections to streamline your seating process. Send your guests notifications and engage in two way conversations when needed. We aren’t picking favorites, but if we were, No Wait Host would definitely be a contender.

  1. Revel Systems

Revel Systems is a POS app with a variety of features that anyone in the restaurant, bar, or quick service business is going to want to check out. Their features for Quick Service businesses include allowing the restaurant to create custom menus complete with timed specials and combos. The Delivery Management feature is complete with tools such as smart routes, driver tracking, and customer information. If you’re not in the Quick Service business, there’s no need to feel left out. Revel Systems offers plenty of features for restaurants and bars including custom table layouts and tracking, tableside handheld device ordering, and ingredient inventory management. Is there anything Revel Systems hasn’t thought of?

  1. The Suggestion Box

The Suggestion Box is pretty simple and self-explanatory. This app provides an easy way for restaurants to access one of their most essential tools for improvement: customer feedback. The Suggestion Box provides customers with the option of leaving their feedback anonymously. Not only does this allow the restaurant to listen to their customers on ways that they can improve the overall experience at their establishment, but it also provides something that the restaurant can have the customer participate in during what would otherwise be downtime (such as waiting on the server to process their payment).

  1. Belly

While previous apps have been a little more self-explanatory, Belly obviously has some explaining to do. Belly is a customer rewards app that allows you to ditch the paper punch cards and have your customers scan codes when they visit your restaurant to earn rewards. The fun feature of this app is that you can completely customize the rewards for your customers to make this as simple or as imaginative as you would like them to be. One thing you always want is a repeat customer and belly helps you provide your guests with incentives to keep coming back.

  1. Schedule Fly

Schedule Fly provides tools for restaurant managers and their employees that can ease the process of employee scheduling and lessen any drama that may come with that territory. Within this app employees can request a shift change, schedule time off, and give up and pick up shifts. Managers have the ability to see when everyone is working, approve or deny any schedule change requests, and communicate with their employees.

  1. Allergy Eats

Allergy Eats is an app that allows guests with food allergies to search for restaurants that will accommodate their specific food allergy. Restaurants are rated on their willingness and ability to accommodate allergies such as milk, peanut, gluten, egg, and more. Restaurants that have the ability to accommodate any food allergies can partner with the app to let guests know their willingness and ability to accommodate specific allergies.

  1. ChowNow

ChowNow allows restaurants to streamline the online ordering process for their guests. The team at ChowNow will create an app that is custom made to your business and brand. Your customers will be able to order directly from your website, Facebook page, Google search listing, and other sites while your restaurant receives the prepaid orders in real time. ChowNow allows you to make missed and incorrect orders a thing of the past while providing your guests easy access ordering.

  1. TabbedOut

TabbedOut offers convenient services for both the merchant and the guest. Guests are able to create a tab, order, and pay conveniently from their mobile device. Merchants are able to see an order history for customers to show preferences and instantly receive guest feedback provided through the app. TabbedOut allows customers to earn rewards from different brands and this feature is at no cost to the merchant.

  1. RM Kiosk

RM Kiosk allows guests to place orders without having to wait on an available server or bartender to stop by. Guests can conveniently browse the digital menu and order right from their table and your staff is immediately notified when guests place an order. Restaurant Managers can easily add and manage menu items and promotions, add coupons, integrate customer loyalty programs, and more with this convenient app that turns your tablet into an ordering kiosk right at your restaurant tables.

These are ten of our favorite apps for the Restaurant and Bar industry that we found, but we are always on the lookout for new technology that will better the industry. Do you have any favorite apps that your business uses? We would love to hear about them in the comments!

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