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Drunk Driving & The Hospitality Industry

Drunk Driving

The state of Utah wants to make tougher DUI laws to provide their officers with new approaches and more tools for spotting people who are drunk. The hospitality industry in Utah is arguing that this move will punish restaurants and bars in the state. Apparently hospitality industry leaders in Utah do not realize the number of people that are killed in drunk driving incidents. Did you know that drunk driving is punishable by life in prison in some countries? Actually, in El Salvador, drunk drivers are killed by a firing squad and in Bulgaria, a second offense results in execution. Ensure that you teach all employees in your restaurant what it means to take personal responsibility as it comes to alcohol by reiterating things such as:

  • Don’t let your friends drive drunk. Take their keys away if you must.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. They don’t have to be friends for you to be concerned; you can also try to keep a complete stranger from driving after drinking.
  • Before going out, choose a designated driver – someone who will not be drinking alcohol.
  • Call a friend, relative, or taxi to pick you up if you’ve been drinking.

Needless to say, alcohol consumption is a very serious subject and in many cases has very serious repercussions. Sharing this information and reminding them of the importance of responsible alcohol service and consumption could make a huge difference.

You can find more information about responsible alcohol service and more from Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security. You can purchase a copy of the book and download a free sample HERE. To find out more information about Howard Cannon and the expert witness services he provides, click HERE. If you have a media inquiry for Restaurant Expert Witness – Howard Cannon, visit our Media Page HERE.

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